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A Lot Has Happened…


So, I have proven to be a HORRIBLE blogger. The last time I blogged was New Years.Ā  Since then a lot has happened. Went to New York, went to India, Rhea graduated, Dad turned 60, I turned 27…and drum roll please…I’ve been going to the gym. Have lost 10 pounds and counting. OH, I also got a temp job. AR Rahman is coming to the Bay Area folks…get your tickets NOW!!!

I’ll post some pics up soon!

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Thanksgiving, Anniversary and Christmas


So…keep forgetting to update this thing. A lot has happened over the last month. Thanksgiving was a little unconventional this year. Rhea was MAJOR sick so she couldn’t go. šŸ™ So I stayed with her at home. She basically slept through the whole thing. haha! While she slept, I popped over to the Doctors’ house where we were having dinner. Had dinner and then came back home. This year, dinner was traditional. Turkey, bacon & chive mashed potatoes (made by moi…everyone loved it…me proud! haha!), salad, yams, cranberries, honey-baked ham (don’t be J Mistrys…will send some with mom hopefully! haha!), cream of corn; etc. etc. Was VERY yummy!

Next big thing…Mom and I went to her Holiday office party. Was a lot of fun. Food was good and there were fun things to do…like fortune tellers and photo booths. My psychic told me I was PSYCHIC (which I totally believe…I think things before it happens all the time…DON’T laugh!), that I was getting a job in 2 months (whoo-hoo) & that I would be married by 30. Don’t line up all at once, boys! haha!

Yesterday, I put up the Christmas tree decorations (pic on the left). Was a lot of fun. Even though I’m older now, xmas just brings out the youth in you. Have so many fun memories from the past. Sometimes miss being a child! šŸ™‚

Anyways, hope the New Year brings in good positive vibes cuz 2009 SUCKED for me! My New Year’s resolution is to get healthy (i.e. loose weight) & not take things so seriously. I vow to listen more and give people the benefit of the doubt. I need to chillax! haha! Feel free to share your resolution too!

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My Mumbai Trip


Long over due…I know! Have been really lazy.

Rhea and I went to Mumbai from June to August. We had a blast. From eating on the street to eating at the malls…the fam really had fun this time.

The malls over there have really developed well…probably better than our malls here. Their food courts are like mini-restaurants with delicious food. They even have arcades. Brought out the youngster in me. haha!

So…I DID have my Golas, chutney sandwiches and my Frankies. Wasn’t as excited as I usually got when I had it. Weird. But it was good. Esp. my Frankies. YUM! I think it wasn’t as exciting because my stomach never adjusted to the food this year. I’m usually pigging out on everything…but this time couldn’t enjoy. Food seemed so heavy. Must be the weather.

Anyways, pictures aren’t up at the family website yet. Will upload them in the next few days. If you are my friend on facebook, you can see them there.

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I’m a Vampire!


Seriously! I’ve become a vampire! I stay up ALL night and sleep in the morning/afternoon. I HATE THIS! I NEED A JOB!!! Well, at least I get to catch up with family/friends in India. I’m technically on their time and I love talking to my sista-from-another-motha’ Ayesha. She cracks me up and I try not laugh at 5 in the morning. I think the two of us should have our own reality show together. We’d make MILLIONS!!! haha!

Today is my Dad’s birthday! Happy Birthday daddy!!! In honor of him, I awoke from the dead at a reasonable hour…after probably sleeping 3 hours. He should feel honored! Anyways, we went to my fave restaurant the Old Port Lobster Shack. He loves Lobster Bisque, so there ya go! It was for him…totally not for me! *wink wink!*

My sister, Rhea, has her FINAL exam today! Whoo-hoo!!! Good luck, sissy! You’ll do great! That aside, I’m just happy she’s comin home for the summer. I miss her soooooooooooo much during the school year!

In other news, I arranged my jewelry collecting and am going to start making earrings again, and maybe necklaces/bracelets this time too. Will keep you posted!!!

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I’m a Domesticated Diva!


So…today I made dinner for my Mom (Dad’s out of town). I’m been dabbling in cooking since I’ve been’s fun! So far, I’ve made spicy tuna hand rolls, miso soup, chicken fajitas, and shrimp fajitas with fresh homemade guacamole.

Today, I made crab cakes for appetizer and for main course: sun-dried tomato & basil chicken and mushroom risotto. It came out well. Mom enjoyed it!

Sunday, I’m planning a roast with pesto linguine. I’ll let you know how it turns out and take some pics!

Anyone have any recipes they’d like to share? I love to try new things!

In other news, I’m hecka sore! I wanted to try something new at the gym so I decided to take a Yoga class. BAD IDEA! It was advanced x20 Yoga. I DIED! Plus, I could barely understand the russian psycho teaching it! NEVER AGAIN! I’ll stick to working out on the machines and doing Yoga on the WII Fit. I’m so sore I thought my appendix burst. It hurts like a MOFO!

Tomorrow, I get to see my sis! I miss her!!! I haven’t seen her for 3 weeks. Lots of fun this weekend!!!

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